From the Greek kitchen

tessakirosVassilopitta “New Year Wish Cake” from Tessa Kiros’ book “Food From Many Greek Kitchens”, photos by Manos Chatzikonstantisvefaskitchen

Gigantes (giant beans) and doladakia (stuffed vine leaves) from the book Vefa’s Kitchen, photos by Edward Park


Traditional Greek coffee with loukoumi sweet (my photo)

Saganaki=fried cheese (my photo)

Cretan salad (my photo)1111_cabbage_rolls_001

Cabbage Rolls- Lahanodolmades from the excellent blog Souvlaki for the Soul
Fruit with Greek yogurt, the simplest dessert ever (my photo)

kolliasSeafood at Kollias restaurant (my photo)

I wanted to start off 2013 with some photos of Greek food because to me, it captures the essence of my country. I belong to the rare species of the Greek Vegetarian but I find it easy to eat in restaurants no matter what you may have heard. It’s the abundance of vegetables and fruit that makes it so.

As far as food is concerned, my wish for the New Year is that all people in my country and all all over the world, have enough nutritious, comforting food. Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “From the Greek kitchen

  1. I see you are still very talented with your camera. Growing up my best friend was greek and I loved going to visit her grandparents house. Her grandmother spoke very little english but eating her food always put a smile on both our faces and we knew we were having a great time.

  2. Blessings my friend and thanks for all the beautiful photographs of the gorgeous food.
    Love you
    May 2013 bless us with only the very best indeed♥ Love Jeanne

  3. I thought it was safe to browse through this post but I found it irresistible anyway! I’m suspicious but your own pictures are even yummier than the others…..everything looks so delicious!

  4. Correction: I meant to say – I thought it was safe to browse through this post because I wasn’t hungry then…!
    This is what happens when people won’t stop talking around me…:S

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