Autumn: A preview



Around early September each year, I go to my mum’s summer house, near the sea, and that’s when autumn strikes me first. She gives me red grapes and the sweetest figs. The sea is cloudy but warm.

grapesalad figs

Then, a few days later there is the first drizzle and the earth smells heavenly, so I make my first hot cup of coffee in months.

IMG_9748 cafe

As it gets colder, I go to the open market on Saturday and buy quinces and pomegranates. I love baked potatoes with quinces and later on, I also add chestnuts. pomsmountains There is always a trip to the countryside in October. Lakes in autumn, there is nothing calmer or prettier when the golden trees are mirrored in them. I just walk without any purpose other than to crush the yellow leaves under my feet. On the way home, farmers sell pumpkins on the side of the road. lakelakeIoanninaforestmushroom end-of-summer-8 benchThen, there comes an evening when I watch a silly movie and I need a blanket, for the first time. Some cinnamon tea too. On Sunday evenings I make pumpkin soup with saffron. I know that in my dad’s village, olive harvest has begun.


(all photos are mine)


8 thoughts on “Autumn: A preview

  1. What a decadent group of photos! (in the nicest possible way, of course)
    Ah the fruits of the season are so sweet I can hardly bear it.
    Currently having the last hurrah of the Summer this week. Trees are still mostly green, but I know that when they start to get golden it will be really quick.

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