Scala Vinoteca


Screenshot - 11_21_2013 , 11_45_32 PM Screenshot - 11_21_2013 , 11_44_37 PMPhotos by: George Fakaros, Natalia Tsoukala

Scala Vinoteca opened in 2009 and is one of my favourite restaurants in Athens. I love the space, the food and the wine. It was designed by Maria Kokkinou and Andreas KourkoulasThere is lots of wood and metal and it looks spacious although it is not that big. Also, the light in there is amazing.


Cliffside Villa

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All photos by Boutique Homes


Hold on to summer! But not too tight. Because Autumn is the most beautiful season and I can prove it. In fact, I will, but not just yet. Like I said, hold on to summer.

This villa in Santorini  would help me hide away from the world, in a moment like this one, in the end of August. I love the concave surfaces that embrace the inhabitants.

Mikro Papigo village: Unexpected design

Mikro and Megalo (Small and Big) Papigo are 2 very traditional, scenic villages in Epirus. They are part of the Zagoria villages complex and they offer utterly breathtaking views to Mount Gamila (means Camel because it looks like it has 2 humps).  In both villages you can find lovely guesthouses and hotels. However, the above, Hotel Mikro Papigo 1700, differs in that it offers modern design without being “offensive” to the tradition of the area. Everything looks pristine.

See their website here and find out more about Papigo here.

All photos are the copyright of Hotel Mikro Papigo 1700. 

Somewhere to stay in Dilofo village

ARCHONTIKO DILOFO (Dilofo Mansion) in Dilofo village, Zagoria, Epirus.

Zagoria is a complex of traditional villages in Epirus, northwestern Greece. Dilofo is one of the best maintained settlements in the area. I especially love the bright colours in the rooms that contrast with the grey roofs.

All photos courtesy of Archontiko Dilofo.