Bodies of water: Lake Doxa in autumn

IMG_4448IMG_4476-copyThe obligatory shoe shot

IMG_4501-copy IMG_4529-copy IMG_4540 IMG_4544 IMG_4553 IMG_4573 IMG_4590-copy IMG_4632-copy-3 IMG_4715 IMG_4733-copy-3 IMG_4474-copyLake Doxa is in the Northern Peloponnese. It is a small lake surrounded by mountains and fir trees. In the middle, there is a little church and just opposite the lake, a monastery.

I listened to the leaves rustling, I saw water ripples before the sun went down. I smelled the scent of the moist earth. I touched the mushrooms and the reeds. This is autumn.


Being in Lesvos

IMG_1647 IMG_1525 IMG_1620 IMG_1774 IMG_1952 IMG_1904 IMG_2041 IMG_2079 IMG_2047 IMG_2019 IMG_2176 IMG_1880 IMG_1945

(all photos are mine)

This summer I went to Lesvos, an island in the North Aegean. A big island and a very diverse one. I stayed in Petra, a village near Molivos, one of the most scenic places you can find yourself in. In another post, I will tell you about the food and the ouzo, as Lesvos is the ouzo capital of the world.


Makrinitsa is in my top-10 places to be in Greece. It’s beautiful throughout the year and I’ve been lucky to have seen it in summer, autumn, winter and spring and I really cannot choose which season I like it best. The architecture is amazing, it’s lush, the food is good and no cars are allowed in the village. Bonus: one of the best views of the Pagasitic Gulf you will find.

(All photos are mine)


Autumn: good as gold

Greece is full of mushrooms of all kinds, in this recipe I sauteed some greens with garlic too.

I love the sea in autumn. My mum says it is really warm, but I am okay just looking at it.

You get ready for school anyway you can

Chestnuts. Found them in Lake Plastira area.

It’s the time to go to a nice bar (in this case Klouvi in Petralona) and drink some red wine.


The area surrounding Lake Plastira has to be my favourite place in the country, especially during autumn.

(all photos are mine)

Somewhere to stay in Dilofo village

ARCHONTIKO DILOFO (Dilofo Mansion) in Dilofo village, Zagoria, Epirus.

Zagoria is a complex of traditional villages in Epirus, northwestern Greece. Dilofo is one of the best maintained settlements in the area. I especially love the bright colours in the rooms that contrast with the grey roofs.

All photos courtesy of Archontiko Dilofo.